While Jim's in Vegas...

Jim and my Dad are clearly having a great time in Vegas...I've heard from them once. And by "them" I mean my Dad. He called me at 2PM our time (so 11AM in Vegas) and he told me he was just going to bed. He landed about 12 hours prior, so it sounds like they had a fun night. Jim on the other hand, I haven't heard from. Let's just hope he's alive.

My friend Erin sent me this picture this afternoon, so I guess that's a good sign? Hey - if you're going to go away, you might as well BE AWAY. Right? Anyway, I hope they are having a great time and winning big. See you both Tuesday!

The boys and I had quite a few visitors today...it was really fun. My mom came over this morning and hung out for a little while. Then she left to pick up my Grandma and they both came back together. We all watched the boys play and we had some coffee. The boys also tried on their suits again for the wedding, which is in TWO WEEKS. My mom did some tailoring on the pants and jacket sleeves. They fit so much better. The pants were massive and the jackets were a bit big too. She did a really good job. Thanks, Grammy!

Chrissy and Lindsey also came over later on in the morning and they witnessed the suit try-ons. We also sang some songs with the boys - which they love. And we chatted a little about the wedding, such as songs and things to plan for the rehearsal, etc. Then the boys went down for a nap.

After they woke, my mom came back and we brought them to Toys R Us for some pre-second birthday shopping. I've been wanting to get them a few new toys, some toys that are a bit older for them. It's definitely time for a purge, so I should start compiling to either donate or save for baby C. I also wanted to get the boys some chairs. When they watch TV, all they do is stand up and watch it...so I'm hoping these little chairs will help. They seemed to really like them tonight.

I couldn't capture a pic of both of them looking at the camera - this is the best I could do...a little collage. Caden's on the left with his poor little nose.

After we went to Toys R Us, my plan was to come back to the house and make a homemade pizza - and have the boys help. But we ended up staying at the store longer than expected. It was 5:15 and I was hungry - so I could imagine how they felt. So what else do you do when you need a quick dinner? Papa Ginos of course! They LOVE pizza and it was in the same complex. 

I actually had my eighth birthday in this exact same spot. I remember going there in my Dad's big white van with my friends in the back. We all sat on our picnic table benches in the back of his van and listened to "Frosty the Snowman" (my bday is in January). Then he made us all jump out of the back and yell our names...haha each and every single one of us. 

As I started bedtime tonight, I took off their vests and took their onesies off. Then I gave them their toothbrushes to buy me some time. I came back from the hamper in their room and saw them like this...haha. I almost died. They looked hilarious.

I changed them and put on the PJs. They did great. It's like they know Daddy's away and they're making it easier on me.

I am now baking a chocolate cake and reminiscing about our day. I just watched my snapchat story from this morning (join me: Shazzyp56) and loved reliving the day. They were so much fun today. And I didn't even go into their room this morning til 7:15! That's pretty late for them. 

Thanks for a fun day! Let's do it again tomorrow. ;)



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