Blog Updates from CAPE COD!

This may be the first Cape trip of many, but I wanted to document and share with you our fun day yesterday! Granted today the boys woke up with head colds and runny noses at 5am, haha, but that doesn't take away from our fun day together yesterday.

Here we were - all packed up and leaving Woburn! Caden was being hilarious photobombing all my selfies.

They are so familiar with the Cape now. When we arrive, I take them each out of their car seat and they walk up to the front door like bosses. They're like "yup, made it to the Cape" and it's business as usual. They adapt so well and love all the toys we leave here since they don't seem them for long periods.

Then when I told them we were going to go in using the side door - we all walked together to open the door and go in the house!

It was a bit chilly and foggy/misty here yesterday, so I put on their adorable new anchor sweaters. I bought them at Primark in downtown crossing for a great price. They were on clearance since the summer stuff is mostly out now. I bought a few yellow and gray and white things for Baby C!

I took so many pictures out front because they were so content playing right there. They were using this wooden block as a balance beam, it was cute. They both tried walking along it - it lasted two seconds haha.

A few hours after we arrived, I was getting really hungry. Typically I would have gone grocery shopping but I felt like having more FUN with them rather than just errands. So the three of us stopped at a local little restaurant nearby and ordered some lunch. We were the only people in there at like 2pm, so we played on these machines and waited for our lunch. When our lunch arrived, Mama had the chance to eat her whole sandwich because Caden and Conor didn't want to leave these machines! Eventually I packed up their food to go and they ate at home. It was fun though, and a relaxing 30 minutes for me. :)

After lunch, we stopped at the famous FOUR SEAS ice cream and bought a quart of mint chip ice cream. If you guys know me at all, you know that I would never ever ever ever ever ever order or eat mint ice cream ever. But it was homemade, super fresh, and amazingly delicious. I'll probably end up eating the whole thing.

Then we made it home and decided to walk over to see Gramps! He had a valve replacement done on his heart a few weeks ago, so we wanted to check in and see how he was feeling. Between he and I - we couldn't bend or lift much! HA. We were quite the pair.

Don't you worry guys, Caden brought the letter "U" and Conor brought his "X" - so we had plenty to play with over there. Lol. Nana and Gramps have a lot of toys at their house - the boys love going over there.

Then we finally went grocery shopping and came home and had a light dinner. The boys didn't feel like eating too much so we had baths and were in bed around 7:15pm. When they were sleeping, I made a fruit salad for today's birthday BBQ with Jim's parents, as well as another birthday cake for the boys. Hey, why not celebrate ALL month?? I made a french vanilla mix cake, and added some fresh berries. I then topped it with creamy cream cheese frosting - because it's all Gramps and I could find in Nana's pantry, hehe!

Standby for another update post birthday celebrations. The weather is clear and sunny and BEAUTIFUL today, so I will definitely be taking them to the beach at some point. Fried clams? Lobster rolls?? Sounds fabulous to me! Have a great weekend everyone!



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