Caden and Conor learn to SWIM!!

YMCA Swim Lessons

Auntie Chrissy and Lindsey bought the boys YMCA gift cards for their first birthday so we could enroll them in swim lessons. I waited a little bit for them to get older - as well as waited til the months just before summer, so they will be used to the water in time for our Cape trips this year.

We went to the Woburn YMCA, also known as the North Suburban YMCA - news to me. And I found the swim lesson schedule and info on which class would be best for them.

I figured they would be good in the "Inia" age group which is from around 16-26 months. Granted they are on the older side of that group, but they haven't had a ton of experience in the water. So we went on Sunday, signed them up and started that morning. We went over to sign them up when they were in their PJs. 

Then we came home, ate some breakfast, packed for swim lessons, got in our bathing suits, and headed over!

The first part of the 30 minute class was parents holding the child, and the child used the kick board. They were just getting familiar, but did a very good job. Then the second part included some noodles, we held the kids up and they floated around. The swim instructors added some duckies so they kids would try and reach out for them as they swam and floated around. The third part we tried having them do back "floats" but they seemed a little nervous about that. The fourth and last part, which was my favorite, was lining up all the kids at the end of the pool. They sat on the edge. We sang "humpty dumpty" and then had the kids fall in the pool at the same time (us holding on to them and catching them of course)...the boys LOVED that part. They were giddy and laughing and screeching. They had so much fun! 

If you have a toddler and haven't enrolled them in swim lessons yet, do it! It's really fun. Caden and Conor had a great time.



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