Cape Cod weekend part 2!

We spent some time at Nana and Gramps in the morning with Uncle Joe. We had fruit and berries and french toast. Nana brought out a lot more toys that Daddy had when he was younger - like the McDonalds play set, more hot wheels and matchbox cars, a small Fisher Price cash register, and a few other things. The boys of course loved them and enjoyed playing over there.

This thing was Jim's too - it's like an activity board, with lots of things to press and turn and move. They love this stuff.

We were feeling a little bit under the weather with some head colds, but we were troopers. The fresh air made us feel better. This was the boys at 10am....NAP! They haven't taken a 10am nap since they were about 11 months old.

We stopped for some Marylous while the boys were snoozing.

Then came all the outdoor activities!! A little blurry, but we brought the boys downtown to watch the boats. Jim and I shared a lobster salad and some clam chowder and the boys played with their toys. They also got some oyster crackers, fruit, and pouches which kept them busy.

Some nice lady offered to take our family photo! I cropped it - hehe.

Jim was showing the boys a catamaran that was pulling into the harbor. They were real interested. Once they were getting too close to the edge near the water - it was time to go.

Then we stopped at Veteran's Beach so we could enjoy some swings and time at the park!



Then we took a walk with Nana down to Keyes Beach - about a half mile from the house.





Then back to our house for some playtime before at BBQ at Nana and Gramps.

We had a nice meal, and some birthday cake - it was Jim's grandmother's birthday "GG". Chrissy's birthday was 5/13, Mary's was 5/14 and my Grammy's is today, 5/15! Big month for birthdays.

Then we did baths and books and BED! They slept great - much better than Friday night when they were coming down with some colds.

Now we are off to do some more adventures and close up the house - preparing for our first renters Memorial Day weekend at the end of this month.

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