Memories in Cape Cod -

We went to the Cape again this weekend. The weather was nice and we had a great time. We did last minute things for the renters - like set up the outdoor patio furniture outside, as well as installed the A/C unit in case it gets real hot before we get down there next.

We visited lots of beaches from Craigville, to Kalmus, and Keyes, and of course Veteran's Beach. I think the boys like Veteran's the best because of the swings. :) Here we are walking back from brunch on Main Street.

Here's a recap of our weekend, Day ONE:

I'll be honest. I packed the bare minimum for the weekend when it came to food - a few pouches, sippy cups, yogurt, milk, any open cereal box I could find, and leftovers and fruit that wouldn't last til Sunday. I usually bring a loaf of bread and some cheese or peanut butter, but I skipped those this round. Instead, I went food shopping prior to taking off for the Cape and bought some corn on the cob. It looked delicious! My plan was that we would go to the Cape Cod Fish and Lobster Market (here is their facebook page) to grab some salmon or some other fresh fish. This fish market in Hyannis is AWESOME. And the boys lovedddd seeing the live lobsters.

So sure enough, the boys woke in the morning and I gave them some Cheerios and some berries. Then about an hour later, I gave them some leftover flaxseed and banana pancakes, fresh banana slices, and a smoothie with spinach, protein, and milk! After that, we played outside for a long time. We went with some veggie pouches, yogurt, and crackers for lunch.

The boys took a nap around 12-12:30 and Jim and I made some Mocktails and enjoyed them in the backyard. My new go to "margarita" drink is blueberries, cantaloupe, mint leaves, water, and ice. I blend it up and pour it with some soda water in a festive glass to give it a little fizz. Garnish with some mint and serve! Delicious and refreshing.

Caden had to wake up Conor because he was being such a sleepy head....

When the boys woke from their nap, we knew it was time to get out of the house. We drove to Veterans Beach (like last weekend) and played in the sand and on the swings. They each had their own banana on the way - and loved it. They thought they were so grown up.

We were going to walk around downtown at around 4:30pm on our way back from the beach, but I thought they may be getting hungry for dinner. So we aborted that plan and went to the fish market instead. I grabbed a half pound of haddock and a half pound of salmon (both skinned). They tossed in a lemon and we were on our way. When we got home, I warmed up their meals and pan sautéed the haddock. I was SO excited for them to try it. They didn't like it. I was bummed. So Jim finished their meals - they had some smoothie with spinach and more fruit for dessert.

Smoothie: 2% milk, berries of any kind, yogurt, banana, spinach, and ice. Blend until smooth. And serve!

We then played in the backyard some more...they were so talkative after dinner. They were in their own little element, giggling and playing with each other. Then we had a bath, read some stories, and went to bed!


Until next time,
Shaz, Caden, and Conor


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