My Third Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It was really relaxing and fun...and I did exactly what I wanted to do, hung out with my boys. They were in FABULOUS moods all weekend long. I mean, how could they not be in good moods? They got new presents, had fun visits with their grandparents and Aunties, and they had cake! That's a win win win win win.

We started out the day gearing up for our swim lessons. We had our second lesson - so we clearly needed to invest in some new swim gear. We have lobster rash guards and lobster swim shorts. I bought size 3T so they are a little roomy, and maybe they can even wear them at the beginning of summer next year. Who knows! hat from Auntie Nicole in LA! :)

Cay...he was messing with me and kept taking his hat off.

Look at this BIG BOY in the locker room! Daddy took Conor this week and I had Caden with me...and then we all meet up together in the pool!

Here's Dad and Con...we found them!

And Mom and Caden...

Daddy was a champ and walked both boys and their bag to the car. I think the pool area was really hot and it made me a little loopy. I wasn't feeling 100% after we left. But it was a fun time. Boys did amazing. They are already more comfortable in the water than they were just last week (and they were comfortable then!).

We were then en route to McCue's to get my mom some impatients - the flowers she usually puts in her window boxes. But before stopping there, we got some pancakes and loved them. They each ate three! The boys have such a big appetite after swimming.

Jim and the boys also got me this lovely hanging flower piece for the front of the house. It looks real spring-like. I love the color combo.

And I had the HUGE task of planting these little guys in front of my mailbox. As I went to stand up to bring all the tools inside, I slammed my head on the mailbox. Talk about clumsy. Jim just shook his head....thanks hun!

Later in the afternoon, we made a stop at BJs to grab some more propane for Jim's grill and the new heat lamp I bought for him. I bought him a present for crushing the Bar Exam. Check it out.

We all had a little BBQ together, just the four of us. We made some burgers, pasta salad, and a few veggie toppings. It was so simple and so nice. I loved it!

I hope all the other mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, as well!


PS Flashback pic to when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Caden and Conor! We were spending our final days in LA, about to move across the country to Alexandria, VA - where the boys were born. Wow, so much has happened since this moment. I feel like everything was so up in the air and now everything has come together so nicely. And here we are, in our 30th week with Baby C! Current belly pic to come. ;)


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