Pregnancy Update! Week 32!!

I am now 32 weeks pregnant...which means we only have a couple months left! Here is a pregnancy comparison from 32 weeks with the twins (left) and 32 weeks with Baby C (right).

Pregnancy update:

I am feeling really good! I am getting pretty big, still working full time, and have two 2 year olds to chase after - so I feel fortunate to still be able to say "I feel good". This weekend was pretty hot, so that was a little uncomfortable. I basically sat outside, watched the boys play with the water table and pool, and drank as much water as humanly possible. We just turned on our central air too, so that will help in the final weeks.

I am craving a lot of sweets lately -- anything from fresh fruit to blended frozen fruit drinks to ice cream. I am a big fan of watermelon and berries these days, and I make a lot of frozen fruit blended beverages with fresh mint from my garden. Also, HOOD just had a sale on their ice cream so I bought three. YUM.

Weight GainedI weighed 142 before I got pregnant again (which is still about 5-10 higher than my normal weight). I went to the doctor last week and weighed 164 lbs. That means I've gained 22 lbs so far. To remind you, I am hoping not to gain more than 25 lbs this pregnancy. We shall see. All that ice cream won't help! 

Symptoms: I am physically tired and also get pretty uncomfortable in the late afternoons. And by the boys bedtime (7pm), I am ready to lay down. Belly tightness. Need to stay hydrated.

Contractions: None. Some Braxton-Hicks but nothing real.

Swelling: I have begun to have some swelling. Not too severe. It's more like tingling in the evening - it's not very comfortable. 

Blood Pressure: All very normal and very good! 

Baby Movement: I have been feeling movement since week 13. This baby is ACTIVE. Lots and lots of kicking and rolling around.

Food Cravings:  Fortunately this pregnancy I am craving healthier things (not just carbs) like cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, hummus, corn on the cob, and of course fruit. 

Food Aversions: Sadly, anything citrus.

Sleep: I have been waking up two to three times in the night, it's worsened since the second trimester. 

Stretch Marks: I have a few small stretch marks from before - but nothing crazy. Mostly on the center of my belly.  

Miss Anything? I still miss being able to sleep on my belly. And I am ready for some blended frozen margaritas and good wine from Napa!

Looking forward to: Meeting Baby C, and seeing Conor and Caden become big brothers!  

New Baby Items: We bought the crib and set it up about a month or so ago. We also bought a mattress for it. We have SO many things from when the boys were babies, so we're in good shape with mostly everything else. All that is left to buy is another baby monitor.

Exercise: I walk around the city a lot while I am working, and I move around a lot outside with Caden and Conor in the backyard. We still go on walks in the wagon which they LOVE. I don't do any prenatal yoga or classes. I need to start stretching more. That's been on my list for months now.

All for now! Til the next update...

Shaz and Baby C!


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