Pregnancy Update....Hello Third Trimester!

On Saturday, I realized I was 28 weeks pregnant...which means I reached my third trimester. What a blur this pregnancy has been. Back in February, I wrote about my pregnancy and how things were progressing...and I compared my singleton pregnancy to my twin pregnancy. It was still early that not much was happening. Here's a little 28 week photo comparison and an update.

28 Weeks with A and B on the Left
28 Weeks with Baby C on the Right

Pregnancy update:

I must emphasize how fortunate I am to (so far) have TWO very healthy and "simple" pregnancies. During the first 6 months with the twins, and the first 4.5 months with Baby C I was very very very sick...constantly throwing up, any time of day and whether I had eaten or not. It was pretty miserable. My first pregnancy I drank the "Ensure" and "Boost" drinks like an old woman. But this time, I threw up after one of the vanilla ones (sorry Linds for having witnessed that) and have steered clear of them since. I lived on carbs like bagels with cream cheese, plain pasta with butter and mac and cheese, and then rely on my prenatals to make up for the nutrients I was missing out on.  
I will be honest. In both pregnancies, I haven't worked out. I don't go to the gym or take classes like yoga or pilates or anything -- I just walk (and stretch) as much as I can. I could always hydrate and stretch more than I do, but at least I have kept up with the walking. The doctors highly suggest at least 2 twenty minute walks each day - and I think staying active really helps with aches and pains. 
Weight Gained: To recap from my February post, I gained 49 pounds my first pregnancy. I topped the scale at 184 lbs (I started at 135 lbs). This time, I weighed 142 before I got pregnant. I went to the doctor on April 19 and weighed 159 lb. That means I've gained a total of 17 lbs. To remind you, I am hoping not to gain more than 25 lbs this pregnancy. We shall see. 28 week bathroom selfie! :)

Symptoms: I am physically tired, and often pretty forgetful...but I blame that on two toddlers and lack of sleep. ;)

Contractions: Two days before Chrissy and Linds got married, I had the norovirus and ended up at MGH with contractions - but that was because I was severely dehydrated. It's really too early for that.

Swelling: My feet and lower legs were SO swollen last pregnancy, but my hands weren't too bad. I feel at night I have begun to have some swelling. Not too severe.  

Blood Pressure: All very normal and very good! 

Baby Movement: I have been feeling movement since week 13. This baby is ACTIVE. Maybe it's because Caden and Conor were squished and couldn't move much, but even during my ultrasounds the people can't believe how much the baby moves. They can't get measurements sometimes because Baby C won't stay still! EEK.

Food Cravings:  I am consistently hungry throughout the day, and have cravings for sweet things - like cookies and ice cream, and also fruit! Fortunately this pregnancy I am craving healthier things (not just carbs) like salad bar veggies, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and cottage cheese. 

Food Aversions: Clementines.

Sleep: I usually wake up and pee once or twice in the night, but I am sleeping pretty well other than that. 

Stretch Marks: I have a few small stretch marks from before - but nothing crazy. Mostly on the center of my belly. It was numb last pregnancy since it was so stretched. Yikes.

Miss Anything? I still miss being able to sleep on my belly.

Looking forward to: Meeting Baby C, and seeing Conor and Caden become big brothers! I am also excited to have a glass of the champagne from C and L's wedding! Haha!!

New Baby Items: We bought the crib and set it up a few weeks ago. We have SO much stuff from when the boys were babies. I recently washed it all and put it away in the nursery. Other than having the clean the bottles and breast pump stuff, I am feeling pretty ready!

Exercise: I walk around the city a lot while I am working, and I move around a lot outside with Caden and Conor in the backyard. We still go on walks in the wagon which they LOVE. 

Other recent pics...

Formal at Jim's fraternity anniversary Saturday night.

How Grampa handles shopping with

Back at 26 weeks... (big diff!)

Homemade Red Sox bibs from "great" Aunt Joan!

"Feeding the baby"...

All for now! Til the next update...

Shaz and Baby C!


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