Thank You Everyone!! Mama Love

Guys. Thank you all so much for reaching out to me in person, or via text, facebook or commenting on my blog. You really know how to make a Mom (and well, a person) feel loved and supported. It couldn't have come at a better time and I really, really appreciate it.

As I mentioned in some of my responses back to you - Kiley, Suz, Lexi, to name a few - motherhood can be a lonely, emotional and challenging place. However, it can also be rewarding and amazing. You are constantly second guessing yourself, the decisions you and your partner make together, and whether or not the outcomes had something to do with your parenting choices. So with that, I really want to thank all of you for your support - and for sharing your personal stories with me. They made me feel better and a bit more sane. :)

After I published the "Mom Guilt" post, I immediately ventured over to daycare to introduce our new Speech Language Pathologist to our daycare provider. I went over there initially thinking I would stay for about 10-15 minutes, or until they were both comfortable with my departure. I ended up staying the whole session, and LOVED being with Conor and Caden for a bit during the morning. It was a beautiful day, and it is so rare I get to see them at school like that. I really enjoyed it. Here are a few pics from the morning early intervention (EI)* session.

*I will be writing a lengthier post about our new SLP and our experience so far since we've resumed as of a few weeks ago. To recap, it's been wonderful and I really like her. Go with your gut guys. It was honestly the best decision I made. That is, to take a break and switch SLP services with someone new. I couldn't be happier. :)

On my way over there, I noticed my rhododendron was starting to bloom, yay!

The other night, Caden and Conor were being HILARIOUS with the new toy food that Aunties Chrissy and Lindsey got them with their grill for their birthday. They were each putting a hamburger in their mouths - Caden in red, the actual hamburger...and Conor in blue, just the bun. And they would spit it out...and giggle. They must have done this for about 30 minutes. If you want to watch a fun compilation video of the boys unrelated to this pic, you can view it on our youtube channel. They call my Dad, "Papa" now!!! It's so cute.

Then we tried out our new sibling's crib! We were jumping around and testing it out. I then put on their old mobile to see if they liked it - and they did. They watched it go round and round, and we listened to the music. It was actually really calming. Then we went to bed!

Tonight, Jim and I brought the kids to the Woburn carnival over by the cinemas. It comes this time every year - around Chrissy's birthday. We used to go when we were kids and we loved it. So naturally, we brought Conor and Caden since it opened tonight. I knew there wouldn't be too much for the boys to do, but I wanted them to just see the atmosphere and watch the different rides circle around and light up. They were a little apprehensive at first because it was real loud and busy - but they eventually got into it. They liked the spinning rides and the ferris wheel. We took them on the merry-go-round. This was their second time on it...their first ride was at the mall in Cape Cod!

We also got some fried dough...and by "We", I mean Mommy. It wasn't as fabulous as I remembered, but it was quite delicious. I also ran into several old Woburn was so nice to see everyone!! I must say, I am loving this warm weather. It gets everyone outside. Can't wait for summer, so soon!

All for now. Have a great FRIDAY tomorrow!


PS Flashback pic to the boys TWO years ago today. We were not even a full week old yet, and we were still recuperating after being home just two days from the hospital. I remember I left their crib to go and get two of their Irish pacifiers for a photo. When I got back to the crib, I saw them both like this...I was amazed!!! Caden left, Conor right.


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