9+ Month Pregnancy Update!

I realized it's time for another pregnancy update! I haven't written one since the beginning of my third trimester here in this post. Current belly pic, car style selfie.

I have been trying to stay active, while still trying to "rest" -- which is a tough balance. I walk often during my work day and also recently started prenatal yoga. I've only gone to a couple classes but I really love it. Again, I could be stretching more, but at least I have kept up with some physical activity. 

Cravings: I have a serious sweet tooth (not just pregnant - that's me in real life), so I have been eating a lot of ice cream, dark chocolate and fruit…mostly watermelon and any kind of fresh berries. I have also been eating bananas as I feel the potassium helps with swelling and leg cramps (haven't had those in a few weeks now thank goodness).

Weight gain: I am at the point where I now go to the doctor on a weekly basis. This week I go on Thursday. Last week, the doctor suggested I not gain more than 5 more lbs since I've now hit my personal limit of 25 lbs (again, I began this pregnancy up about 7 lbs from my first pregnancy, so if you count that, I'm up over 32 lbs). As of last week, they estimated that the baby weighed a little under 6 lbs. They said it's measuring a little ahead! Heart rate was 159 and baby is head down. Ready to go!
Names: We have not yet chosen a name for the baby, but we’re keeping our top options to ourselves until he or she is born. To be honest, we have the boy name pretty solidified, but the girl name does not exist yet. Not sure I like any girl names. And I have NO idea if we will go with another "C" name. TBD!
Maternity clothes: Now that I'm carrying just one baby, I am able to wear non-maternity clothes at 9 months! Isn't that unbelievable? Last pregnancy I definitely couldn't do that. I was way too big. I love that I can toss on an old flowy non-maternity dress and make it work (or so I think?? Lol). 
Pregnancy Issues: Last pregnancy I struggled with some serious ankle/feet swelling. It was bad. I remember looking down at my feet and being shocked at how huge they were - my right foot especially. I was really nervous, so I asked my doctor about it. Thankfully they said it was normal, and to monitor a few things like my blood pressure to make sure we weren't headed toward any serious health issues. So far this round, my blood pressure and other things have been completely normal, so we are all good to go. I have some pains here and there (especially in the evenings) and a few Braxton hicks but again, all under control. Not feeling too bad. My hip pain has started to increase, even just in the last 24 hours. I am thinking it's related to the weight gain.
Other Symptoms: I am physically tired late in the day. I have started to shorten my work day. I also am a little clumsy like walking into doorways and things...but I still blame that stuff on having two toddlers and lack of sleep. I also just had a BAD head cold, which the boys eventually caught too. I feel like a cold just lingers when you're pregnant. Blah.
Baby Movement: This baby is ACTIVE. I constantly feel movement. Also - his/her heart rate seems high to me mainly because I think he/she is moving around so much. 

Food Cravings:  See above - sweets. I am mostly hungry throughout the day, but at dinner time I either want nothing or a small bowl of cereal. And like I said before, all things fresh fruit sound amazing all day long (and ice cream). :)  

Food Aversions: None anymore. Mostly citrus in the beginning-mid of my pregnancy. I still sort of avoid it.  

Sleep: I usually wake up and use the bathroom about three to four times each night, but I am sleeping pretty well other than that. I count on my pregnancy pillow for good comfy sleep. When I don't have it (like in cape cod), I don't sleep as well. Room temperature makes a big difference too. I need to stay cool!

Stretch Marks: I have a few small stretch marks from before - but nothing crazy. Mostly on the center of my belly. I don't have the center numbness like before. Thank GOD. 

Miss Anything? I still miss being able to sleep on my belly. And I really miss a fresh cold cocktail on a hot summer day (like during Jims bar admission ceremony). And weirdly I miss being able to bend over quickly and easily to pick things up. Everything just takes longer now. 

Looking forward to: Meeting Baby C, and finding out if it's a boy or girl. I also can't wait to see Conor and Caden become big brothers. I've started buying some little toys for them - to distract them a bit when I'm busy with the baby. 

ALSO: And I'm looking forward to having people over to meet the baby! Chrissy has convinced me to host a "sip and see" - basically a little party where people come over and have some wine/mimosas/cocktails and meet the baby. Adorable idea! Far more fun than a shower...because they baby will actually be there!

New Baby Items: Nothing new, but everything is done! I finally cleaned, washed, and put away all the twins baby bottles and breast pump items. I set up the breast pumps upstairs in the nursery and a second one on the main floor. I am feeling ready. Just need a third baby monitor - but we can get that anytime. Oh, and hospital bag is PACKED. Yahoo.

Recent pics of the soon-to-be big brothers! :)

And sleeping :)

Til next time....



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