Another Tourist Day in Boston!

What a day. I was just thinking about how much we can pack into just one day. It is WAY more than I've done in years past. It's fun, but also really crazy. I am glad I have my blog to document it at all.

We started out our day today at swim lessons -- our usual Sunday morning routine. The boys have been doing awesome. My parents stopped in for a quick visit today an snapped a few pics. This is the end of the swim lesson, where the kids jump in the water. This is their FAVORITE part. So many happy squeals and giggles. It teaches them not to be afraid to jump into the pool, as well as gives them the opportunity to learn to climb out of the pool. They are getting really good at that. Conor left, Caden right.

After we left swim lessons, we packed a quick couple of bags, threw on some sweatshirts and headed into the city. Our original plan was either the Aquarium or the Children's Museum. But to be brutally honest, we didn't want to pay full price for admission. We frequent the Woburn Public Library and often get discounted passes (or at least one free pass) to many of the museums in Boston. Since it's Sunday, the library wasn't open so we weren't able to reserve any passes for today. Therefore - we drove into Boston, planned on visiting the Aquarium, and then aborted as we were walking over. Instead, we decided the rain wasn't bad at all and we just walked around the city. It was SO much fun!!

Jimbo pushing the boys around Government Center...

Here we are at Christopher Columbus park near the North End. The boys liked looking up at all the vines and leaves.

Lately, they've been into horns and all things "beep, beep". So of course they loved hearing all boats. Each time, they would say "beep beeeeeeep". It was cute. When we registered for the stroller, we received some damaged parts. When we wrote to the company Mountain Buggy - then gave us the correct parts and also included this storm cover as an apology. This is maybe the second time we've used it, but it came in super handy today!

As we walked back through Christopher Columbus park, we stumbled upon this park for toddlers. They of course LOVED the steering wheels, and climbing all over the place. I read a sign that they park is made for 5-12 year olds. Ha, the boys are 2. It's OK. They held their own.

The slides were really wet and formed some puddles at the bottom, so I took a couple of diapers and sopped it all up! TA DA!!! They were good as new. Here is a cute video of them trying the slide. It was much faster than their slide at home.

After the park, we were hungry. We didn't think the boys would last in a sit-down restaurant, so we walked down the alley to Bricco and ordered some sandwiches to go. I also ordered an olive loaf because, well, how can you not??

We walked past Modern Pastry, it was closed. But we still insisted on the photo op.

We enjoyed our sandwiches in a park nearby, and then continued walking. Conor was sick of the stroller, so he got some one on one Daddy time while I pushed Caden.

Then we came home and all took naps! Here is Cay....

And Con...almost identical position.

Then when they woke, I took these pics. They were staring at me so cute, so I couldn't resist a pic.

I was really in the mood for some Chinese food, so I asked Jim earlier in the day if he wanted to go to the Kowloon restaurant. He was on board, so off we went! This is the first time I brought my iPad to dinner. It was amazing. I can see why parents do it all the time!! We both actually got to eat!

Caden loved the mirror....

And so did Conor!

Then it was time to brace ourselves to head into the downpour once again. Con was ready with his pink umbrella!

We got home around 7:30 and put the boys to bed. Caden loves going to bed with a few cars.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here's to hopefully a quick week ahead!



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