Berry Picking and Berry Baking! :)

I follow the Woburn Patch on facebook and noticed an article recently about picking your own strawberries. I used to pick my own strawberries when I was younger across the street from our house at Spence Farm. Sadly, the farm no longer exists and now there are nice houses there. But nonetheless, I LOVED picking my own strawberries and they were the most delicious things ever, like candy. Therefore, I was very happy to stumble across this article about picking your own strawberries at places near Woburn!

To recap the article a bit, here is their short list of places close by. Drumlin Farms made the list! Our new favorite place!! Check out some of the farms closest to Woburn listed here:

  • Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, Lincoln
  • Brooksby Farm, Peabody
  • Verrill Farms, Concord
  • Boston Hill Farm, North Andover
  • Connors Farm, Danvers
Although not on the list, I went to Wilson Farm in Lexington yesterday with my friend Katie and bought lots of fun things like strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, flowers, and other produce. I made a fruit salad and caprese salad at home and also made an awesome strawberry shortcake dessert that took no more than 15 minutes tops. It was the freshest, most amazing dessert. I used the heart healthy pancake mix, two tablespoons sugar, and milk for the biscuits. And then just strawberries and vanilla ice cream. So easy, so refreshing. 

Here we go, step by step!

Speaking of Wilson Farm, I went to their "event page" and they are having a Strawberry Festival June 18 and 19 which sounds right up my alley.  
31st Annual Strawberry Festival - June 18th & 19th • 11am - 4pm

  • Shortcake Eating Contest
  • Weekend Specials
  • Face Painting
  • Pin the Stem on the Strawberry
  • Strawberry Arts & Crafts
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Strolling Entertainment
  • So much more!

The boys were REAL tired last night after their visit with Auntie Theresa and Auntie Jan. Thank you ladies for coming over! It was fun to hang with fellow Phelans. :) Look how cute they are...both had a blanket on their chests when I checked on them. Love them so much. 

Have a great day, everyone!



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