Boston Common Trip

Short and sweet post...since I am home with the boys today and don't have much time to write.

I wanted to document the boys trip to Boston Common the other night. I needed to pick up Jim from Boston, so I figured I would bring the boys in since it was a beautiful night. I left worked, picked up the boys, and drove back into the city. They loved the drive, seeing some firetrucks and ambulances, and watching everyone and everything around them. When we arrived at the common, they LOVED listening to the music, while enjoying some snacks / mini picnic out on the Common. I got some great pics of them enjoying the scene.

My friend Joe got these adorable Hermosa Beach t shirts for the boys for their birthdays. It says "Future Surf Dude - Hermosa Beach, CA". I love love love them. We miss the Cali life, so these are perfect. Thank you!

Then we of course stopped at Papas another night last week. He filled up my old wagon with water so the boys were drenched. Nothing like hanging out at Grammy and Papa's house in our diapers!

And here are some summery snoozing pics. These are some of my favorite moments. Sweet, innocent, safe sleeping kiddos. Con top, Cay bottom. :)

Hope everyone has a great week! Long weekend (or vacations) ahead!! Can't wait.



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