Counting My Blessings...

In light of everything awful and devastating going on in the United States and well, the was really refreshing to escape to Cape Cod and sit on the beach with my innocent little children. This past weekend was very relaxing and exactly what I needed. However, I can't help but think of the victims and families in Orlando. It is heartbreaking and simply the worst thing in the world. My heart goes out to them and the entire LGBT community. #lovewins Let's not forget monumental strides like this one last June.

It certainly makes me count my blessings and should put things in perspective for everyone. Thankfully for us, my boys are healthy and they were in great moods all weekend. Saturday, the boys spent the day with Nana and Gramps. Jim wanted to mow the lawn, install the shed, and fix the grill. I went to yoga in the morning and ventured down a few hours after everyone else. I don't remember the last time I drove down the Cape without C and C!

On the way, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got them each 2 chocolate munchkins. Conor insists on stuffing the whole thing in his mouth. So this was the outcome.

I started giggling, which I shouldn't encourage him, but it's really funny. So he started giggling. It was a big messy giggle fest.

Caden, on the other hand, is a much more cautious eater. He examined which he wanted first. Once he made a decision, he took a normal sized bite.

Ta da!

Then Caden passed out. Hahahahaha

I thought this was cute. This is how they sleep in Cape Cod. Usually we have two twin beds in here - but we take one apart to create space for the pack n plays. They sleep THIS close to each other. Naps don't usually work the best down the Cape - for this reason - but they sleep wonderfully. Con left, Cay right.

When we woke on Sunday, we played with our letters...

...and the bathroom sink.

Then we went to get our Barnstable resident beach pass! It's only $40 and it sticks to our windshield. We can go to any Barnstable beach this summer. The Landlord beach pass is like $300....which we don't opt to provide for the renters. Sorry, guys. Anyway, the building that the beach passes are in, also has community games like arcades, a basketball court, and a skating rink!

Then at about 9AM, we made it to Craigville Beach! We usually go to Covell Beach - which is the resident side of Craigville really...but I wanted to sit near the Barnacle restaurant in case I got hungry for fried clams or ice cream hehe.

Con trying out these stylish sunnies! HA.

Cay watching the seagulls.

Time for goldfish! There is nothing like goldfish on the beach in Cape Cod. Totally makes me think of my childhood.

And yogurt pouches!

Please continue to keep everyone in Orlando in your thoughts.



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