Drumlin Farm - Lincoln, MA

Our first visit to a farm!! And our first hayride! Very exciting ending to a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

We originally thought Monday was going to be miserable and rainy - which it started off that way. Soon enough, it warmed up considerably and the sun came out. The boys were sick of the house and the yard, so we needed to come up with a place to take them. Jim suggested Drumlin Farm and I had never heard of it. Jim used to visit here when he was young, and his Dad when he was a kid too. This was the third generation to visit the farm and we had a great time. It was also not busy at all - mainly because people were either away, or at family BBQs. It was real nice. 

It's a quaint farm on 206 acres. They have sheep and chickens and horses and pigs and more! It was great for the boys. 

Cost: It's $8 for adults, $6 for children 2+ and seniors, and kids under 2 years old are free. The hours from March to October are Tuesday - Sunday, 9AM-5PM. They are also open Monday holidays.

The hayride is $2 for adults, $1 for children 2+, and children under 2 are free.

In the barn, we saw some cows (we said "mooooo") and ponies. There was also this separate room where the kids could "horse around". Neat idea. They really wanted to climb on the tractors and that certainly wasn't happening, so this was a good second option.

I wanted a picture of the three of us in our wellies. HA. It's quite difficult to get pics together these days.

I'm glad we had them in their boots, because they were able to stomp through ALL the puddles!

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend!

Til next time,


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