It's Been a Tough One...

While I try to keep my blog as positive as possible, I need to be honest. And I am being very honest when I say this week has been a tough one. I don't know why exactly, but some annoying things happened and I have a few thoughts....

1. Maybe it's because I am really pregnant. I am finally approaching that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and am really starting to slow down. I feel stressed out because I can't afford to slow down. I have two toddlers, a husband, a full time job, and all the day to day things like daycare drop off/pick up, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Not to mention - when am I supposed to have a life? Or take a shower???

2. Maybe it's because the boys are hitting the "terrible twos" finally? I have heard from some that the "terrible twos" phrase is a load of crap and the person who coined the phrase regrets it because age three is in fact worse than age two. But you know what? I beg to differ. Two is hard right now.  Sure, there are GREAT days, and good days, and then some real bad ones. Two is also hard because I have two two year olds. They both know what they want - but they either can't ask for it, can't have it, or can't do it. They share their time with Mommy even though most other two year olds have had the last two years with Mommy alone. Just yesterday, they each wanted me to individually carry them down the stairs and into the car. But Mommy can't do that right now. I am really big and uncomfortable, and I'm trying to carry them less and less. I grabbed each of their hands (thank God I have two of those) and tried walking them both down the stairs. They hated it. This was the outcome:

3. Maybe it's because the healthcare systems suck right now and they are completely stressing me out. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to call my insurance company and add/re-add either Conor and Caden because they see two kids with the same birthday and just remove one of them from coverage. That's a problem when they see Early Intervention weekly and have other doctor appointments. Also - speaking of how bad healthcare is these days, I logged in to my blue cross blue shield personal health record and it had listed "Gestational Diabetes Mellitus - unspecific control". Like - what?! I took my glucose test 6 or 7 weeks ago and passed. So that was of course another 5 phone calls and unnecessary stress, with no resolution as to why it's listed on my personal health record (because they re-confirmed that I passed).

I will refrain from making a list of 10 things just to complain today. Nonetheless, I wanted to just write about the fact that I have had a very difficult week and I am VERY thankful it's Friday. One day, I will look back on this post and think that it was the shortest phase ever, and I shouldn't have focused so much on it. I am very grateful for my sister who came over yesterday afternoon and helped me out during a tough day. The boys loved seeing my Dad who stopped in for lunch and Chrissy who spent the afternoon with us.

Here are a few fun pics from the day!


The park!

 Storytime and naps!


Another park!!


Auntie and more swings!

Auntie and the biggest smiles ever!

Thanks again to my big sis for saving the day! We loved having you there to play with us and do somersaults and be silly. :)

Here's to hopefully a great weekend ahead! TGIF!!



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