MA Attorney Oath - Conor and Caden Buzz Cuts!

Let me first start out by saying CONGRATULATIONS again to Jim for passing the MA Bar Exam.

Apparently once that is accomplished, you are invited to the Great Hall in Faneuil Hall to take three different oaths and partake in the formal ceremony. Jim was allowed 4 guests, so myself, his mom, dad, and sister went with him yesterday for the ceremony in the afternoon. It was a fun, celebratory, and well deserved day. It was also beautiful outside, so we were able to walk around and see a bit of Boston.

Thankfully, my Dad walked over to daycare to pick up the boys, so we could stay and enjoy the ceremony without being rushed. Thanks, Dad!

Here's a quick recap of the ceremony. This is Jim and I at the end, after he received his certificate. We are in the actual Faneuil Hall building, next to Quincy Market. This building is OLD and holds a lot of history.

We started out by waiting in line outside to get in. Photo cred to Theresa.

Here is what the Great Hall looked like before all the candidates took their seats. On each chair, there was a bag of goodies from the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Jimmy signing his name! MA attorney!

It was a really special day, and I am glad we were all able to celebrate. We left shortly after and picked up the boys at my parents house. 

My mom was feeding them some dinner and they were playing in the backyard. I was craving some ice cream, so my mom and I went to Breakers (it's finally open!!!) and my Dad and Jim brought the boys to our house to put them to bed. Prior to going to bed, Jim cut their hair. LOOK AT THEM!!! I was so surprised. I can't be mad. They look adorable. And it's a great cut for summer. Gotta pick my battles here, folks. ;)

Caden sleeping....
 Conor sleeping...

And here's an updated belly pic! I am 35 weeks with both the boys in the white shirt, and 35 weeks with Baby C in the black. Quite the difference at this point!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads out there. Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather ahead!



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