Prenatal Yoga and FUN Family Cookout!

Guys. I took my first prenatal yoga class this morning at 9AM with my friend Shayla and her friend Allison. It was AWESOME! Thanks for the invite, Shay! I am not flexible at all, and I am typically not into yoga, but I really enjoyed myself this morning. I have been having the worst leg/calf cramps in the middle of the night, and it's extremely painful. Therefore, I figured I would give it a go to get some stretching and relaxation and hydration in. I met all those goals. The place was called Zen Therapy in Woburn.

After that, I hosted a small family cookout since my cousins from DC were in town for the Beyonce concert and the SOX game tonight. It was nice to get together last minute (legit - planned it yesterday) and all catch up. It also didn't hurt that it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately, Callie - who is Conor and Caden's age - got sick this morning so she couldn't make it. And Conor napped the whole time. So Caden basically held it down for the 2 year olds. :)

Here are a few fun shots from the day! Well, here is me and Con before the party - I felt like he needed to be represented here on the blog!

These are the dishes I made last night - a pasta salad, a few regular summer salads with spring mix, goat cheese, strawberries/blueberries, and almonds. I also cut up some cantaloupe to have as an alternative to Mikey's birthday cake. We had a couple diabetics in the group. :)

While I was at yoga this morning, Jim set up the yard. He put some water in the pool and the water table, so it warmed up by the time people arrived. Hey look - there's Con again!

Then the cousins started arriving - here is Pat, Jessie, Jimbo, and Caden.

The girls having a deep convo - me, Chrissy, and Jen.

Mikey and John Patrick!

Jen, Chrissy, and I.

My mom and her girls.

Sibling shot! Jess, Jen, and John. Jess is a radio personality on 101.7 The Bull from 10-3 everyday! Check her out on her radio station (I listen in on the iheartradio app everyday at work!). "Workin with Jessica". :)

Panorama of the yard.

My Uncle John and cousin Patrick.

Me and Pat! We sang happy birthday for him and his bro Michael. Mike's bday was yesterday and Pat's is next Fri! Lots to celebrate. Fun afternoon.

Playing some cornhole. Caden and Patrick (younger Patrick) are learning from Pat and Jim.

Callahan cousins! Sans Jenny....

My Dad and Jimbo getting a game of cornhole in this afternoon.

Here are a couple big group pics!

Thanks again to everyone for coming! It was such a fun day!



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