C and C meet the third C!

I have three sons. Wow.

On Thursday night, Auntie Chrissy braved the trip of bringing Conor and Caden into the city to meet their new brother, Cal. She ventured over to their daycare and picked them up on her own and drove them over to MGH. I was so impressed! She was sending me updates on the way - like the boys knew something was different but not exactly what, of course.

Jim met Chrissy out front to help her bring the boys upstairs to the 13th floor. They walked in and they were THRILLED to see me. I of course loved every second of that. I missed them so much and couldn't wait to see their little smiling faces and hear the best words ever "hi mum mum" from both of them. I gave them each a minute or two with me, and then Daddy went over to get Cal. Conor was very timid and even hit behind a chair. Caden however, was very intrigued and even gave Cal a high five!

This is Caden and Cal's first meet.

Here is Caden giving him the high five. It was SO adorable.

We walked over to the lounge area to have a bit more space. The boys are seriously the best big brothers already! Helping out Mom and Dad!!

First "family of 5" photo!

The boys quickly enjoyed their freedom and ran all around the halls. The nurses found it hilarious and thought they were seeing double.

I love photo comparisons - you could probably tell since I posted a ton during my pregnancy. But left is from 5/11/14, when we left INOVA Fairfax hospital in DC. It was Mother's Day. And on the right is 7/15/16, when we left MGH. All three boys are wearing the same going home outfit. Caden has a blanket around him because he was a little small for the car seat. 

Left to Right:  Caden was 5lbs, 5oz; Conor was 6lbs, 11oz, and Cal was 7lbs, 15 oz.  

We have had two very successful nights here in the Phelan household so far. Cal is pretty much on a "eat every three hours" schedule, which is working well. We put the boys down around 7:30, Cal has his last "daytime" feeding around 9ish and we hit the hay. He is up at midnight, 3AM, and 6AM....so far. I don't even think it's that bad. The feedings are much faster with one baby, and less intimidating. You can also really enjoy the baby that much more and all the snuggles that come along with it. :)

All for now,
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