Cape Cod Vacation - Continued!

During my last Cape Cod blog post, I ended with a recap of the actual Fourth of July, so I wanted to finish writing about the rest of our fun filled week. But before I do, here's a 37 week pregnancy comparison! Twins on the left and Baby C on the right!!!

Tuesday was a real nice family day. Our first family day of our "family vacation" that started on Friday! Haha. It was a bit cloudy and misty, so we took a break from the beach. Instead, we went over to the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory and did a little self-guided tour. It was real simple, and we ended with a visit to the gift shop. We also walked around downtown Hyannis, stopped in the library, checked out 8 books, and hosted Jim's family for dinner. I made the same fish tacos mentioned in my previous post.


Scrambled eggs and cheerios for breakfast!

We all took a walk to Keyes Beach after dinner. It was about a half mile walk there and back, then we put the boys down for bedtime.


Jim drove back to Boston Wednesday morning and worked Wed and Thurs. My mom came down the Cape Wednesday and spent the night. We had a real nice visit and she was a lot of help. Having a second set of hands is always nice, especially when 9+ months pregnant. We spent most of Wednesday at the beach and visited Seafood Sams for some fried clams! It reminded me so much of my childhood and spending time down the Cape with my mom. It was fun!


My mom stayed til about noon on Thursday. We decided to take the kids out on a duck tour of Hyannis Harbor, the first tour was at 10AM. I've never done it - and neither has my mom. It lasted about 45 minutes, perfect for a toddler's attention span, and the sea breeze was so nice on the water. It was HOT on Thurs! I had Caden most of the tour and mom had Con. They did great.

Jim arrived around 3pm on Thursday, right in time for the boys to wake from their naps. 

We decided to take them for a walk to Keyes Beach. This was one of my favorite moments of the whole week - mainly because it was the four of us, enjoying the simplicity and relaxation of Cape Cod. We packed nothing, just ourselves and spent a solid hour or so walking the sand and listening to the waves. I loved it.

Check out the video of them enjoying the beach on my youtube here.

We even had a minute to sneak in a mini maternity photo shoot. Great job, Jimbo! ;)

The only unfortunate thing to have happened all week is that during our visit to Keyes Beach Thursday night, someone stole our wagon. We were having so much fun in the water and didn't even think someone would be so rude and MEAN and steal a toddler's wagon. I am so sad because my two best friends in LA, Sarah and Nicole, bought the boys this wagon and I put it together all by myself. We had so many memories in it.

Don't fret though, my parents came to the rescue found one on cragislist. They already picked it up and had it at our house when we got home from the Cape. SO nice of them. Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!

Thursday night:

WOW. Thursday was a long day. I didn't really notice that until writing this post. After our walk and attempted detective work of retrieving our wagon - we went home, put the boys to bed and then had Lisa, Cakes, Hammers, Ana, and Bosch over for dinner. They arrived around 9pm. We ordered our fav salmon dish from the Black Cat Tavern, one of our favs. I called it quits around 1AM...the latest night of my week.


Friday was our second family day of the week. We didn't have anything planned and again it was sort of cloudy and crappy - so we didn't go to the beach. Instead, we lounged around the house. Jim worked from home most of the morning. We found some toys in the house we rented and Conor and Caden seemed to enjoy them. Dollhouses!! Yay! So the boys and I played, watched some TV, went to Marylous, and cuddled on the couch. I think everyone was tired from a long (but fun!) week.

It was then time to explore. Jim was done working and he remembered hearing about a park in Centerville. So we went out for some lunch and visited this park. It was age appropriate and the boys LOVED it. We will definitely be back. Prior to finding this spot, we visited the elementary school park which is just a little too old for them. This one was fabulous.

Here's a pic of the boys loving the slide. I also posted a video of it on youtube here. Caden is a bit more adventurous than Conor...on land. It seems Conor is more adventurous in the water! How funny.

This is a pic of me and the boys after their nap. They were so cuddly...I LOVED it!!

This was our last bedtime at our house! Jim and I packed up after this pic was taken, basically so we could take off early in the morning on Sat. What a fun week!!!


Look who was SO excited to see us when we got home! PAPA!!

All for now!


PS Flashback pic to 2 years ago! Conor and Caden made their Cape Cod debut!!  7 weeks old!!


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