Cape Cod Vacation - Happy Fourth!!

We are into day four of our Cape Cod vacation. Some of our friends have left, so it's starting to slow down a little bit. It is also raining here in the Cape this morning, so it's a lazy day so far. I am blogging while the boys are playing with some puzzles. I think we are going to visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory and take a little tour - and we may also visit the Hyannis library. Stay tuned. ;) 

Here's a pic of me and my boys yesterday on the actual Fourth of July. Conor left, Caden right. :)  Hi Cay!!

As a quick recap of the first three days -

Friday: I arrived with the boys on Friday afternoon and the traffic was real bad. Not only was there pretty decent traffic before the bridge AND at the bridge, but there was also an accident on route 6, so I stopped in Bourne to see my cousin Derek. We spent a few hours there, walked down to the water, and had some lunch. It was such a fun, spontaneous visit!! The boys had so much fun.

Then we made it to our Cape house and gathered a few things. We rented another house this week to have a bit more space. So just a quick visit here to the Phelan Compound this Fourth! Don't worry - we are still walking distance away.

The boys practicing their yoga moves...

We arrived at our rental! The living room alone has more space. There are pros and cons to renting and having your own house - like for example, our technology is a bit better (we have a smart TV and can watch Daniel Tiger whenever we want) and our cell service is better. But hey - we're in Cape Cod, so none of that stuff matters much at all - except on a rainy day. ;)

Saturday: This pic came up on my timehop and couldn't resist a photo comparison. I opted to take the bikini pic IN the house...and then post it on my blog haha.

Daddy playing with C and C in the water! They loved the beach on Saturday. They did great. Sunday was another story. There were a lot of people and it was REALLY windy.

Playing with Nana!

Sunday: The boys are sleeping really well. I love having more room so we can hang out at night and not disturb the boys. Caden top, Conor bottom.

Katie P and Mike slept over on Saturday and we woke up and had breakfast! The boys look so big in their seats. 

Then it was time for snack/lunch time...this spot has been perfect for them.

Mama and Caden! This was when they weren't feeling the beach....

Playing in the sprinkler with Tori! They had more fun at the rental than they did at the beach this day.

And looking at all the fishies on the pool.

Dinner with Tori! The kids did so well. They went with the flow, slept really well, and overall it was a real nice weekend.

Flunkyball! Annual Fourth traditions....

Speaking of traditions, here's our annual Wimpy's dinner pic. The top is from 2010 (days before Jim and I got married) and the bottom was Sunday night, 2016!!

Suz and I indulged on some pina coladas...yum! ;)

Monday: HAPPY FOURTH!! We went back to Keyes Beach on Monday which is much more kid friendly. The boys did better and it was a real nice day. We started the day with a walk through Hyannisport. It was warmer and sunnier than I expected, and I look exhausted. Haha. But I am glad I got some steps in.

Then we arrived at the beach!

Caden in his beach chair....with a towel.

Conor in his beach chair...with a pouch. Pretty accurate!

Great Grammy ("GG") came to the beach for a visit. She and I always match in our white hats!

There is nothing like having goldfish on the beach in Cape Cod.

I made some fish tacos and corn on the cob when we got home. I bought some sole at the fish market, and then made a mayonnaise/pickle/tomato/salt/pepper cream sauce, with some more tomatoes, lettuce, and lemons and limes on the side. It was real simple and yummy after a day on the beach! 

I put some EVOO in a pan, and added salt and pepper and chili powder to both sides of the fish. I cooked them slowly for about 15 min each side. They were pretty thick. Towards the end of cooking, I added some of the crema sauce to let the flavors set in. Then it's pretty much "make your own fish taco" and people can add what they want! Super easy.

Here's a pic of my plate, the finished product.

I also boiled some corn on the cob to have on the side.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Fourth of July! All for now...



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