Happy Anniversary, Jim!!

For the last 14 years together, we have experienced and grown so much. We have now been married for 6 years, lived in 4 states (MA, DC, VA, CA), completed both grad school and law school, had 2 beautiful boys, while expecting one more child any day now. We successfully moved back to our home state, while maintaining two successful careers. To say it's been "fun" is an understatement. It is always an adventure with you, Jimbo and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

We went to dinner at the Capital Grille last night and had a great time. We sat in the bar area since there was less of a wait. The server was great and the food was unreal. Jim got a salmon, I got a filet and we shared lobster mac n cheese. I also ordered a 3 oz pour of a really nice Stag's Leap (from Napa) cabernet, 2012. It was DELICIOUS! And the perfect amount at this stage in my pregnancy.

Cheers to us! Here's to so much more! "Happy honeymoon"...I love you.

All for now! Happy Anniversary, JIM!


PS Hehe flashback photo! This is what I posted last year. I love it.


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