More Shots from Cal's Photoshoot!

I had pregnancy brain/new mom moment when I wrote my last blog post. I only included the pics I took from my iPhone - I forgot the ones I took with my camera. So, sorry to be rather redundant, but here are more posed pics of Cal from yesterday.

One of my favs...

After I made a solid effort with the bucket (from my previous post), then we had too much I struggled with the lighting all morning.

Then I started using my props...

One of the task force officers at work gave me two of these Massachusetts State Police cars for Conor and Caden. Therefore, I had to take the obligatory newborn photo with one of them.

AND most importantly, the zoomed in pics of Mr. Cal Thomas and his adorable little face!

All for apologies for the rather repetitive post. I just wanted to get these "saved" to the blog so I don't lose them. Have a great day everyone!



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