Novice Newborn Photoshoot by Shaz!

Ok. I have no idea what I am doing. But you know what? This is something I can do with one I had fun with it.

I had a blast with Cal today. I found myself laughing a lot and really enjoying him. I was putting him in the funniest positions and it was hilarious. Like for example, this is how we He was wide awake, so there was no photography to be taken at that point. 

Then we had a little too much I was struggling with the lighting all morning.

We quickly aborted the bucket and went upstairs in the guest room. I love the quilt on that bed, so I wanted to take a few simple pics up there. I took a few of Conor and Caden's bath letters and wrote out CAL!

I just bought this sign for Jim (a congrats Cal has arrived gift) after I bought a "Callahan" one for Chrissy and Linds. He really liked it, so I wanted to get him one. Anyway, wanted a quick pose with Cal....since he's a Phelan after all!

He broke free from his swaddle and I thought he looked adorable.

Here are all three of my boys - Caden top left, Conor bottom left, and Cal on the right! Quilt courtesy of Ms Abby!

Photo Comparison: One of my last pregnancy photos, taken 7/7, just 5 days before Cal was born. And one week postpartum. I like to track my progress because at times I feel like nothing has changed. Then I look at a photo like this and I feel a little more motivated. And yes, it took almost 10 months to grow that belly so it should take about the same time to get it back. I'm in no rush! Just monitoring progress.

Postpartum Update: Besides the slight discomfort and symptoms from giving birth, I am experiencing an unexpected symptom of more calf cramps / leg pain. I read up on it and it sounds like it's from the weight gain, as well as the fluids in the IV from the hospital. I don't have any swelling, it's just crampy and uncomfortable. It's a bad combo at a tiring time - but it's all normal. Hopefully it doesn't last too long. Other than that, I feel feel great. This has been a much easier/faster/better recovery this time around for sure.

All for now!


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