Thank YOU! Thankful for Friends, Family, and Help

I felt it necessary to take a minute and thank everyone for their help, time, efforts, gifts, and company over these last two weeks. SO many of you have offered to watch Conor and Caden while we were in the hospital (or just coming home from the hospital), brought over gifts, visited with us, picked up prescriptions at CVS, made us food and/or delivered us bagels, coffee, dinner -- and dessert (thanks shay and kyle!) or spent time with me and the boys. It has meant so much. Having a baby/bringing home a new family member is no certainly simple task, and we appreciate everything that everyone has done for us.

Personally, my favorite thing is spending time with all my boys AND friends/family. I have loved having visitors, and I have loved venturing out and visiting people in Boston, Woburn, and surrounding towns. Here is a closer look at life lately....

Cal and I went out to lunch today and had chicken terryaki at Sarku. For those who are familiar, you know what I'm talking about.  YUM. (Shayna and Chrissy)

And when we came home....we had our first big explosion. Haha.

One week difference!

Cal and I have been watching A LOT of the Food Network lately. It's been wonderful.

My Aunt Joan visited today - she made this adorable quilt for Cal. He looks teeny tiny.

He often falls asleep like this.....

This was Cal while Jim and I enjoyed dinner and a bottle of wine.

Yesterday - I must say, I was (and well, AM) super grateful for two of my best friends Katie and Julie for coming over and helping me with the boys. It was my first real solo day with all three boys and they were instrumental getting me through it. They pushed them on the swings, spent time with them while I had to pump, and brought over munchkins to make them feel special during the crazy transition time of bringing home a new sibling. Thanks girls!! :)

Here is how we spent our Monday....Katie brought over munchkins! Yay!!!

We spent a ton of time outside in the 95 degree weather.....ugh.

Then Grampa, or well "pop pop" came over with zeta and pizza. I was pushing the boys in the swing, with Cal in his bassinet on the grass. All of a sudden, I hear Conor say "pop pop" and Caden say "zz"!! I turn around and I see Zeta. Then right behind him was my dad and our pizza. HA. It was so cute.

 This was us right after our nap, and before early intervention came for a speech visit.

And Cal basically 99% of the day. :)

Thank you again to EVERYONE for all your help. We appreciate it more than you know.



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