6 Weeks Postpartum!! Workout Time!

I am 6 weeks postpartum and I feel great. I still have a bit of discomfort and healing to do, but I am overall feeling really good. I see my doctor on Tuesday for the first time since having Cal, so I am hoping to get the official "go ahead" to workout. I have been walking as much as I can and I just did a [very] light kettlebell workout yesterday. The first time in almost a YEAR.

Then immediately had to stop and feed Cal lol.

For those interested, Lindsey put together a beginner kettlebell workout tutorial video on youtube. She had just completed her strongfirst kettlebell certification and she made me a very thoughtful workout lesson for my 30th birthday -- when the twins were about 8 months old. It was a great time for me to kick my butt in gear! I had to revisit this yesterday, because I forgot the correct positioning for deadlifts and presses. I didn't do any swings yet, I am waiting on my doctor's approval.

Jim and I got a ton done around the house yesterday. I packed the boys up for daycare on Monday. They had last week off, so I needed to wash their blankets, buy and pack diapers and wipes, and also do lots of laundry so they had clothes to pack for their week, too. I also collected their library books and dropped those off at the library. I picked up a Peapod grocery order (such a saving grace with two toddlers and a newborn).

We did some crafts in our basement...we painted on paper plates and played with some play dough. I love setting them up in the basement since it isn't finished yet. I have my old kitchen table down there, which is the table I had growing up. It is a great set up for the boys to get messy and have fun! :)

Surprisingly, we were also able to spend a LOT of time outside while Jim mowed the lawn and put up a runner line for Zeta when she comes over. The boys loved playing with their soccer balls (Conor's favorite is PINK!), my kettlebell, and some cherry tomatoes from our garden. Quite the day!

Cal loved playing outside with us, too. When he woke, I brought him outside and all the boys went diaper-less. It was time to get some fresh air everywhere! Plus, I filled up their water table and pool in case they wanted to "swim". Ha. 

Look at Cal's rolls!!!

We also made a visit to BJs. We tend to buy our diapers there. With the discounted price and coupons, it is a great deal. I also made a couple of crockpot dishes for the week, a white turkey chili and and a meat sauce with sausages. Here we were en route to BJs...everyone has their aiden and anais blankets. The boys want theirs now that they see Cal with his blanket. Gotta be fair!


All for now...we are going to our cousin Jodie's house to celebrate Kelsie's birthday! Can't wait.


PS Flashback pic...so timely!! Look what I was doing one year ago. Kettlebells with Linds!


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