Don't Worry - Everyone's Still Alive...

Well....I survived a full [work] week without Jim. See? Cal and Con are resting on Mama, and Caden is in the background playing with his gumball machine.

Granted I had loads of help from my sis and Linds who helped me tremendously with daycare drop off and pickup - and most importantly with bath and bedtime, as depicted below.

Their help was crucial, especially last night. Last night was tough mainly because Cal was crying - and when Cal cries, the boys cry. They are starting to experience more feelings (like empathy, per what I have read) so they are more in tune when someone is upset. I try explaining to them that crying is his way of communicating and he is telling me he is hungry or something, but that doesn't really help. I am sure it's just a phase.

Overall, I am proud of myself for getting through a week with the three kiddos, and doing all night feedings; crushing massive amounts of laundry, like all our clothes, towels, and sheets; as well as grocery shopping; making meals; doing dishes; taking out the trash; vacuuming; getting an inspection sticker; and so forth. It isn't just "feed kids, feed yourself, and make sure everyone stays alive". It's more than that. It is running a household, it's constant cleaning and planning/prepping. You all get it - you are doing the same thing. It is BUSY.

Anyway, I was reading this post from the Boston Mom's Blog that I enjoy so much. A woman posted about having three boys; and how people always assume that the Mom wants a daughter, or wanted a daughter. People speak to you like having three boys is a burden or disappointing...or even "incomplete" by not having a daughter. I am so bothered by this - I couldn't feel more complete with the addition from Cal. I think Conor and Caden are learning so much by having a little brother. They are learning to be patient, they are learning to share, they are learning to care for another human, they are learning compassion, and to think of other people. The Mom in the article said this,
"I’ve been given a gift, three to be exact. And I’m going to try my hardest to raise three loving, compassionate, and honest men. What do they need along the way? Community, support, love. Love, love, love. And a few people to laugh at their jokes about going potty and others to turn the music up very loud so they can dance till their hearts are content (and they go to sleep.)
So, yes, I have three boys. And when we venture out just the four of us, or even the five of us, we can be quite a sight. But it works for us. You can count them if you’d like, or you can just give a wink and smile to yet another mother trying to do her best."
I loved it. And I love all my boys. For me, it will be easier having all the same gender - they can play and share everything. I am grateful. #concaycal

I couldn't be more thrilled/thankful/relieved with their schedule right now. All three boys take a bath around 6:30-6:45PM. Conor and Caden are in the actual tub and Cal is in his little whale tub in the bathroom with us. Then the twins go to bed between 7-7:30PM. Cal listens in on storytime. The boys go to bed, and Cal comes downstairs with me. He stays awake til about 9-9:30PM. He sleeps til about 2AM. We have a very enjoyable and calm feeding (my favorite one, honestly) and he goes back to sleep til about 6AM. Then the boys wake around then too, between 6-6:30AM and we start our day with some kettlebell swings...haha jk.

Sleepy pics from last night! Cal, Cay, Con. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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