Everyone Has Their Moments...

When Cal was first born 3 weeks ago, so many people asked me how Conor and Caden were adjusting to being big brothers. To be honest, there wasn't much of a difference in their behavior and I was thrilled. I was surprised, but thrilled.

Now fast-forward three weeks and I am starting to see Caden act out a little more than he ever used to. He is actually mostly acting out towards Jimmy and wants more attention from him. You would think he would be jealous of Mommy - but not the case. Conor is behaving wonderfully and I am so thankful for that. Between a constantly whiny toddler and a gassy/fussy newborn, I am SO thankful that one of my children seems happy right now. I know it's just a phase, and things will probably shift by 5pm today - but boy is it difficult. Everyone has their moments!



He was upset that Jim was holding Conor -- even though Jim held Caden most of the morning. Jim was trying to be fair; and Caden was heartbroken.


He was upset at school one day. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't look serious. ;)

I found this article online and it really resonated with me. Even the title of the article "When the Big Brother Becomes the Big Challenge" is so accurate. You think life will be difficult because of a new baby, but really - the baby sleeps, eats, and poops all day. Babies are actually really easy! It's the older children who feel the biggest changes, the biggest shifts and voids, and they have the most difficulty expressing it. 

Therefore, with that said, I am focusing more on rewarding positive behavior and even saying "hold on Cal, daddy is getting something for Conor/Caden" or "one minute Cal, mommy is making dinner for Conor/Caden". This way, Conor and Caden won't feel they aren't the only ones being put aside and having to wait for either of our attention. 

There are happy and relaxing moments, too! I mean really, Cal?  Can I have your life?

First "family of 5" walk around the neighborhood. Conor and Caden are great walking helpers.

Me and my three boys. :)  Look at that head control on Cal. He is only 3 weeks!!

He's bulking up!

Conor and Caden with their speech therapist at daycare. They call her "Jebo" because they can't say Genevieve. They are trying!!

All for now...just remember "everything is a phase" - even the good things. Have a great day!


PS Early congratulations to my good friend Suz who is expecting her second little girl today!! Thinking of you Suz! xoxoxoxo


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