Everyone Needs "Sibling Night"!!

What a fun night! My sister came back tonight and we went grocery shopping and wine shopping with all three boys. Then she had a great idea to get lobsters and corn for dinner. It was really fun! We were ridiculous and took WAY too many pictures, while wearing our bibs. It reminded me a lot of when we were younger and it reminded Chrissy of when I lived in LA. The boys were in great moods and it was overall a really fun time.

We made some cole slaw, corn on the cob, corn bread, and lobsters (and wine).

She told me to suck in and put my shoulders down. Haha.

Caden loves kettlebells...

Chrissy loves lobsters...

And Cal... :)

High fives for Auntie Chrissy!

In other fun news, my little guy is ONE MONTH old today! Can you believe it? Wasn't I just walking around Beacon Hill trying to get my contractions going? Wow....

Yay little bro! Happy One Month.....you are catching up! By the way, I haven't been able to hold or lift both boys like this in months. I loved it! Then it started pouring.

Have a great weekend!!


PS Here is a real life moment....BEDTIME!


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