Family Photo Session...Teaser Pics!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a family photo session on Saturday at our house. I absolutely loved meeting and working with Sarah. Her photography facebook page can be found here. She was very easy going and understood completely when all three boys had meltdowns at different times. How she managed to capture moments like these is truly unbelievable. I am holding Cal - he is hiding behind Caden's head. ;)

When she first arrived, Conor was having an issue with something and was really whining a lot. He quickly got over it - but as soon as he did, Caden was mad that something wasn't going his way. We are 100% stuck in the terrible twos for sure right now, folks. And then sure enough, when we thought it really couldn't get much worse, Cal started crying because he needed to be fed. We figured it was time for a change of scenery, and brought both boys outside to distract them and get some good shots. Cal and I soon followed. So basically, you can imagine how I envisioned the outcome of the shoot.

Typically, the boys are very happy and we play outside, go for walks, run errands, have snacks...all is status quo. They must've sensed something different because it was a rather difficult morning. Hats off to Sarah for sticking with us, remaining calm and patient, and being totally awesome through it all. She's a fellow maybe she's just used to it. :)

Thank you, Sarah!!

All for now...



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