High / Low Weekend

This is my first high/low/high post recapping the remainder of our "solo" parenting weekend. I wanted to highlight the high and the low points. My blog is supposed to focus on positive moments - but if there weren't any low moments, there wouldn't be any comparison that the "high" points are really good. So here goes...

HIGH: Helpful Big Brothers

I have two amazing older boys who have helped more than I could have ever imagined. Cal was crying yesterday, so Caden went over to the table, got Cal's bottle and started to "feed" Cal. He didn't even bring it to me...he did it all on his own. Con joined in and they were both taking care of their little brother.

Also - another time Cal was crying, Conor went over to Cal's pack n play and grabbed his blanket. He draped it over Cal, clapped his hands and yelled "yay"! I feel that is something that can't be taught. I am grateful that his instinct was to help his brother -- he wanted him to be happy! He was right. Cal fell right asleep! I can't believe how nice and thoughtful they are - they are really growing up.

The boys also enjoy pushing Cal in his stroller. It's cute to watch!

LOW: Tough Time After Nap

On Sunday, when the boys woke from their nap around 3PM, Cal was pretty fussy.  I ventured up to their room with Cal, and tried to read them some stories and calmly wake them. Caden was a crying MESS. Cal was also crying. And Conor was just whining/crying because he didn't know why it was so insane. I felt defeated. I felt like I couldn't do this for two weeks. I felt hopeless and sad that I couldn't make everyone happy and comfortable. So I texted my friend Suz. She of course was amazing talked me through it - and said I would be fine. Sure enough, we made it downstairs, put on the TV, ate some yogurt, and all was good again.

HIGH: Decent Toddler Meals

We all know that toddlers aren't the best eaters. For some reason this week (so far), Conor and Caden have been eating wonderfully. They have been eating their chicken, mac n cheese, hummus, veggies, cheese, pouches, and yogurts without any whining. It's been great! They even have been asking for "help" getting food on their forks - I am loving it.

LOW: Still Trying to Differentiate Night vs. Day

Cal is having a hard time differentiating night and day. Granted, he is only four weeks old - I get it. But it's really tough at the moment, especially at 4AM. He tends to sleep more in the late afternoons. He is awake in the morning, and early afternoon. Then he starts sleeping a lot late afternoon, so by 3-4AM, he is all set sleeping. Therefore, my days have been beginning at 3:30 or so. It is hard when I have the boys home with me.

HIGH: New Toys and Helpers!

Before Jim left, he bought a couple new toys on Amazon to keep the boys entertained. He bought this little shape box thing. Granted there is only one - so it could've been a nightmare, but they are in fact really enjoying it. Conor's newest shape obsession is "octagon" and Caden loves "star". 

Also - I have been VERY grateful for my sisters Chrissy, Lindsey, and Jim's Aunt Jan who have come over and stayed with me while Jim has been away. Aunt Jan brought lunch over yesterday and played with Conor and Caden and Cal....and Chrissy and Linds slept over last night and brought C and C to daycare today. It has been such a huge help. Thanks everyone!!

And cheers to matching vests!! HAHA this made me laugh (see Cal?).

All for now...


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