How I'm Handling 3 Kids While Jim's in China

Jim's in China for two weeks. He was actually told the day Cal was born that he had to travel to China for two weeks in Aug. He left at 4AM and he comes back Aug 20. So it's my first real solo day with all three boys.

Thankfully, my parents have stopped by to help with a few things like breakfast and lunch - and also to go for walks with me and the boys. I would have to say that the hardest thing is trying to be punctual with nursing/pumping while trying to keep the boys entertained. The boys have been great, only a few tantrums and whining moments today, so I am thankful for that.

Here is how we do Sundays when Daddy is out of the country.....

Con and Cay are trying to play with Cal. Cal looks terrified.

I recruited some help to hold Cal...

Thank you to Anne Rocke for this adorable chevron blanket for Cal...personalized with his name and birthday. And thank you for the light up balls for the twins. They have been very entertained this morning. Much needed. Thanks so much!

Funny faces with Cay...

And Con...

We did some painting crafts this morning after breakfast.

We love cheering on the athletes in the Olympics. We yell "go, go, go!!". Swimming is our favorite sport to watch so far.

Spent some time outside and had a long walk with Grammy.

My Dad came to visit and help with the boys, too. And we had our first Oreos with PAPA! Yum!

I hope you are all having a Sunday Funday...I'm exhausted and it's not even 2PM! Lol. Til next time...



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