Photoshoot Pics are READY!!

I absolutely love all our family pictures!! Sarah did such an amazing job - I wrote to her and said that I can't believe the moments and personalities that she captured. Something as little as Caden drinking his sippy cup (he's obsessed with it), to their cranky faces at the island eating their pouches, to the Daniel Tiger show (their favorite), to us playing on the hammock and swingset in our backyard like we do everyday. It's all so US and our typical daily lives. Here are a few of my favorites - I think they're perfect. :)

Conor -

Boys in their chairs -

Real life family pic -

Mini feet! :)

Caden's mad because he doesn't have his yogurt pouch yet...

 Conor's mad because his is all gone! Very typical...

Caden -

Cal -

The boys watching their favorite, Daniel Tiger!

Family pic!

Walking in our neighborhood!! :)

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks again, Sarah!!

Shaz, Jim, C, C, C


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