Shout Out to Auntie Chrissy!!

This post goes out to my sister, Chrissy. Your nephews just adore you and they have loved every second that you have spent with them this week. They wanted to take a minute to thank you...

She has been a gigantic help this week. I can't even tell you. It's almost as if I had a second me. She was right there whenever I needed her. I didn't even have to ask (and that's the best part). She would grab the baby and feed him, she would play with the boys, she would do laundry or clean dishes if needed. She would wake with Conor and Caden in the morning and bring them to daycare and let me sleep if I was up a lot in the night with Cal. It was instrumental. I can't thank her enough for sacrificing her week and weekend to spend it with us. 

Here are a few pics and highlights, we had a TON of fun!!

We went to party city and LOVED running around in the store.

Auntie even brought sparklers. Mommy had a heart attack.

Caden just loves his Auntie...and kept giving her kisses.

We were quacking and roar-ing at each other (bear and duck towels).

Out to lunch on Saturday! We had chicken fingers and fries while watching Daniel Tiger. Mommy and Auntie got ice cream. :)

While mommy was feeding Cal, Conor and Caden snuggled with Auntie in her room....we loved it. What a treat!

Hanging in the backyard with Papa...can't forget about him!

Auntie Chrissy with her Godson!

All three of my kiddos. :)

I look terrible - but here's a pic with me and all my boys.

 And bedtime!

All for now!



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