The Past 48 Hours...

We are still pushing through - anxiously awaiting Friday night when Jim arrives back in the US.

I brought the boys to the McDonalds drive through after school today - I thought they would like it. Well, Caden screamed the whole time driving there - and Conor ended up crying the whole way home. SO...that was kind of a bust. Made for a cute picture though. I am a firm believer in anything in moderation. They of course do not have happy meals often. This is literally their second one EVER. One per year isn't too bad. :)

Here are a few pictures of Conor and Caden from daycare - and some pictures of me and Cal hanging out yesterday.

The past few days I have picked them up by myself! I take Cal out of the car and in his stroller. I push it to the back door where I pick up the boys. Then they want to push Cal to the car, together. It is how I get them to walk to the car with me. Thanks for the help, Cal! ;)

My Dad and I brought them to Horn Pond in Woburn last night for something new to do. It was kind of a muggy night, not much of a breeze. Instead of continuing around the whole pond, we took them out and let them run around. It also gave me a chance to feed Cal - actually, my Dad fed Cal. Good job, Papa!

Here is Con at daycare today.

Here's Caden. I think they look SO much alike in these pics, especially the way their shirts are falling off their  same shoulders.

And CAL.

The toys from their happy meals! Watches!!!



Walks with Papa and zeta! The boys have started saying "hi zz" and it's the cutest.

The past few days have been a blur so I wanted to write a little about them. Cal also had his one month appointment today. My mom came with me. He has gained THREE whole pounds since he was born. He now weighs 10 lbs 15 oz and is happy and healthy. Great appt! I am also planning on writing about his reflux/gas issue in an upcoming post. So standby for that (when I have a bit more time...).

All for now!


PS Also feeling really happy and grateful after this email review I received from one of my Cape renters today. How nice was this!?


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