2 Months Old and 2 Year Molars..AH!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I am home with all three boys today - daycare is closed for a personal day. Cal is two months old (yesterday) and we are HAPPY!!

We have big plans to head up to Colby Farm in Newbury for a little bit. But before we go, I wanted to write about the boys and their 2-year molar situation. For example, I have noticed a change in Conor lately - he is very cranky, tired, and fever-ish, etc. I thought he was sick last Friday, but it turns out he is getting his two year molars! I was able to grab a few pics of the boys' mouths.

Caden's is on top and Conor's is on the bottom. They are IDENTICAL mouths - it's funny. They have the same teeth placement and shapes. However you can see Conor (on the bottom) is getting his molars in the back. Caden's are just starting to peek through a tiny bit on the top right. I am sure he will be cranky in a few weeks, too.

Anyway, we've been trying to keep busy since Conor is rather fussy at the house. We try to distract him, take them to parks, bring them to my parent's house, you know - anything to keep everyone happy and sane.

On Saturday, my mom and I brought them to Woburn's Back to School Safety Day last weekend and they really liked it. They loved seeing all the police cars, ambulances, horses, command centers, and other fun law enforcement things. Con wasn't feeling great but he was still a champ and hung out with everyone. My mom was a great help - and had her car seat installed there by the police officers!

Jim's sister and brother came over last weekend, too. We hung out with the boys, made some festive drinks, and had dinner together. Cute pic of all the Phelans!

I've been starting to gather some crafts so when I have all the boys home, I have different fun things to do with them. We tested out this paint situation on Sunday. It gave me a panic attack. Don't worry, I had tons of wipes and towels and rags on hand. ;)

We also ventured in Charlestown to visit two different parks. One was on 8th street and the other was on 13rh street, near the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. It is called the Mayor Thomas Menino Playground and it was AMAZING. It has gorgeous views of the water, the airplanes taking off, and the Boston skyline. Perfect visit for a young family. :) Chrissy and Lindsey met us on their bikes! It was a fun day.

I took this picture from the website. Look how beautiful it is!!

 Here are a few more pictures of the 2 month old!!!! :):):)

All for now!



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