Cal Update and Our Lives Lately...

Happy FRIDAY before a long weekend!!  Wooooo! Now that Cal is 7 weeks old, I wanted to write an update on our schedule - an update from this post which I wrote out my scheduling goal and where I wanted to be around this time. 

Here is where we are at...he is really doing great and I couldn't be happier.

7AM   Feed Cal 4-5oz and give C and C breakfast.
7:45    Diaper changes for all boys, playtime, and bring twins to daycare.
9:15    Cal 1st nap.11:30  Wake Cal and feed 4-5oz.
12:00  Mom feeds C and C lunch (if/when they're home).1PM  Cal 2nd nap.
3:00   Mom prepares dinner for C and C.
3:30   Feed Cal 4-5oz.
5:15   Cal shorter nap for less than 1 hour before bath and bedtime, boys eat dinner.
6:00   Feed Cal 3-4oz - cluster feeds begin.
7:00   Bath, PJs, books, and bedtime routine with C, C, and C.7:30   Conor and Caden in bed, Shaz and Jim eat dinner, Cal hanging out, then quick catnap.
8-9PM   Dream feed Cal 2-3oz or so, put Cal to bed.
9-10PM Jim and Shaz go to bed.
3AM   Feed Cal 4-5oz, hopefully the only night feeding.
6:30AM   C, C and C wake for the day.
7AM   Feed Cal and give C and C breakfast...REPEAT!

The boys give Cal a kiss goodnight every night!

I can't believe it's September and Labor Day Weekend. We are loving summer and don't want it to end. If time could just pause right now, it would be great. Conor and Caden are doing awesome. I love being home. I feel less "mom guilt". They are really fun and we are enjoying each other a lot. I have seen huge growth, and a lot of speech improvement. They are understanding and saying words that aren't just labeling objects (more than just "airplane", "sun", "car", etc). While I am thrilled they can label almost anything at this point, it's nice to see them say words like "dance" while doing a little wiggle...and also say "stuck" when opening something...or "my turn" when they want something that I have. They are also [finally] starting to string a few words together. To me, it shows they are really comprehending more and developing their language.

Storytime and pics before bed!

And the following morning. :)

We visited Auntie Chrissy at work the other day. Cal cried a ton haha but he did well on the way home in traffic. Out like a light!

Playing in Grammy and Papa's backyard! Brothers in the background.

I love these pics. They are interacting more and more and more each day. It's SO fun to watch. Not only is their actual language developing, but also their "twin language" is developing too. They have conversations between the two of them and babble and make the same noises...or stomp on the floor back and forth...or give each other toys and say "here Caden"...or "here Conor". It's the cutest.

Mommy and Con. This is so our relationship. Conor is very calm, sweet, thoughtful, and cuddly.

Mommy and Cay. This is SO our relationship, too! Caden is very inquisitive, silly, sweet, and fun.

All three!

Cal's new play mat! It really keeps him

All three sleeping boys last lucky to have these guys in my life.

All for now! Enjoy your long weekend!



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