Fall? Babies? Potty Training? Oh my....

Lots happening here at the Phelan household. The boys were a little under the weather last week. Conor had a head cold first, then Caden, and then Cal had it Monday. His first cold. I am feeling a little crappy now - but not bad at all. Here is me and Cal the other day. For his first cold, he handled it very well. :)

Conor and Caden playing with their new puzzle eggs. Each side has a shape - and they have to put it together. They also have different colors. Perfect for them.

Here is our mild attempt at potty training. Each night, I take these out and bring them in the den. I strip them of their shorts and diapers. They run around and I continually ask them to sit on the potty. They love sitting there - just not sure if they understand the concept. One day at a time...certainly not rushing it.

My mom and I found a groupon for a $30 "Foot Reflexology" at Super Feet in Wilmington. We went on Tuesday after Cal's traumatic 2 month appointment. Turns out he had a small fever due to his cold. They ended up doing a catheter to check if he had a UTI. They also skipped the shots because he had a fever - but instead, they drew blood to check his white blood cell count. It was really long, really scary, and A LOT for a two month old to handle. He did great. He was so brave. And everything came back normal. So this relaxation appointment was very much needed. Cal slept the whole time!!

I started gathering some fall decorations around the house. I usually buy my mums at McCue's Garden Center in Woburn. They are $20 each and just stunning. I love how bold and massive they are. They are going to get even fuller!

Here's a pic of my boys and my mums from last year. ;)

Look at these three!! All about 6 weeks to 2 months old, same outfit of course. #concaycal.

This is how I pick them up from daycare...

Then we go in the backyard and I immediately jump on the hammock! Lol.

All for now!


PS Flashback photo....Caden and Conor in their bassinets at two months. And just yesterday.


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