We Finally Made It!!

We finally made it to Connor's Farm in Danvers on Monday with my friends Katie and Shayla.

I definitely recommend going on a weekday because it wasn't busy at all - however, a lot of the beverage and other refreshment stands weren't open. That was a bummer considering it was super hot out and the boys could've really benefited from more drinks than I packed. Overall though, worth the $10/adult (kids under 2 free). It was so fun! Here are a few of the highlights...

Pumpkin Patch

Duck Boat Races

Baby Animal Farm

Apples of our eye! :):)

And Cal. Ha!

Tractor fun

Throwing rocks in the pond

And "Jumping Pillows"

 Snooze fest on the way home!

And bedtime.  What a great day!! Thanks for joining us Katie, Shay, and Baby Anna!! I think it's safe to say that between the fun activities, delicious apple cider donuts and fresh produce and farm stand, we will definitely be back!

All for now!



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