Our Week Without Jimbo!

Jim was out of town for work this week. It honestly wasn't too bad this time - it was a much shorter and more local trip, compared to his trip to China when Cal was two weeks old. We had a fun, yet busy week of course. Two days a week we go to early intervention (EI), and their speech pathologist visits home two days, so essentially four days a week we have something scheduled. Lots of fun Mommy time to say the least. :)

Here are the boys at their Tuesday "preschool prep" playgroup at EI, having snack.

And playing together!

On our way home...

We went to my moms house after, since she had Cal. We gave them some lunch then ventured into Boston to walk around with Chrissy.

Make Way for Ducklings! Caden left, Conor right. They LOVED the ducks.

Just some pics of us hanging out at the house. The boys are doing very well. Still lots of tantrums and trying to push through. I am also dealing with a breastfeeding issue - which I will dedicate another post to. I am having serious pain, and have been talking with my OB a lot. Trying to figure out if it's a plugged duct or worse. So stay tuned....

All for now!


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