Christmas Fun with 3 Boys Under 2.5 :)

My friend Katie and I took all the boys to the Enchanted Village at Jordan's Furniture in Avon yesterday. Growing up, the Enchanted Village was always in Boston - but now it's in Avon. It's free and perfect for young children. Now, there are other events that the kids can do like skating and a visit with Santa. They also play the Polar Express and there's a light show, but the boys were too young for that. Here's a quick recap of our very fun festive day!

We arrived at Katie's new place in Lexington. She just moved last week, so we wanted to see the new pad! I felt like I was moving in too with all the stuff I brought. ;)

We stayed about an hour or so - then headed down to Avon for our outing.

Entering the Enchanted Village!

Three little boys. :) See Cal back there?


They finally convinced me to let them out to walk around a little bit.

Santa again!! This time, the real LIVE Santa. We were waiting to take a picture with him.

Then we went "ice" skating. It wasn't real ice. It was wax or something instead - still very slippery and difficult. Haha but HILARIOUS. If you haven't already, check out my instagram "Shazbythesea". There is a video of us attempting to skate together. Katie was hanging out with Cal during this event.

Not 10 minutes after the skates were off, we were sleeping......

And bedtime after a long, fun day.

Over the weekend, we hosted Aunties Chrissy, Lindsey, and Theresa, as well as Uncle Joe for a fun new tradition. I don't have very many pics from the night - but we had fun. We enjoyed some festive drinks, decorated gingerbread houses, watched the Polar Express and Rudolph, decorated our Christmas tree, and ordered some food. It was so enjoyable...we are making it an annual tradition!

The next day, we had some very fun family time. We put together their Polar Express train and they loveddddd it! They are so into trains right now. They were more into it than last year and they even knew it was from the movie. How fun!!

Con, Cal, and Cay in the same outfit!

All for now! Hope you and your family are enjoying the Christmas season!!



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