Christmas Happenings with C, C, and C!

I can't believe Christmas is in less than two weeks. I had my work Christmas party for families and their children this's our family picture with Santa. Thanks, Kristin!! I love it. :)

Conor and Caden were scoping out all the presents from Santa! I think one of them even dove into the sea of presents.....

"Criss Cross, applesauce"...

Here's Alex and Cal! Huge shout out to both Alex and Kristin for helping out so much with all three boys during the party. Jim and I were able to enjoy ourselves thanks to you two! And thank you to Hope for putting the whole party together. What a fun experience for the kids. Conor and Caden loved seeing Santa (even though they didn't show it) and they love their new presents. :)

The boys were sleeping in the same bed the other night - and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. They usually either sleep in their own beds or sometimes switch beds (which confuses me terribly in the middle of the night if I check on them - it's so dark and I have no clue who is who). But the other night, they slept together and it made me so happy. 

It brought me back to when they were little and they shared a crib! (June 2014)

This was bedtime the other night. They were playing with the trucks and doing the same thing. I love when they do that. It's so cute. 

I have been having migraines lately - mainly from not getting enough sleep from when the kids were sick I think. So Jim let me sleep in on Sunday. When I came downstairs this is what I found. I took like 1,000 pics it was so adorable.

THEN my parents took Conor and Caden to church for a childrens mass. They were gone for a few hours, so Jim and I were able to have brunch, make a few christmas mimosas (champagne and apple cider, YUM!) and made a huge dent in our wrapping. We just had Cal - see him back there in the swing? It was so great.

We were even able to tackle a few errands with Cal - things we can't really do with three kiddos...

The result of having three kids under 2.5 - yikes.

And last but not least, Chrissy and Linds took Conor out last night for a special night of "individual time". Chrissy, Linds, and Con went over their friend Erin's house for some Christmas fun. She has a 20 month old daughter. Con made some new friends and enjoyed some special time.

Since Conor was having some fun, Jim and I took Caden and Cal out to run some errands and see Christmas lights. Cal took a nap and we were able to talk to just Caden and listen to what he had to say. I know, it sounds so simple and silly - but the twins NEVER get individualized attention like that. They always have each other to talk to and compete for attention.

Caden absolutely loved talking to mommy and daddy on his own. He was saying "goodbye lights", "goodbye santa" as we went from house to house. I don't think he ever stopped smiling. I know they need more individual time. I can tell. They will just continue to grow and their own personalities will come out more.

What a great weekend!! Look how things have changed in one year.....

Feeling grateful for these amazing boys this holiday season. They are really growing with their personalities and their speech. I am so proud of them.



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