Health Update! Chest X-Rays and Nebulizers...

TGIF! It's been a long week of sickness for the boys - again. At least it's Friday and we have smiles on our faces!!

Here we are at the doctor's office Monday night. We were counting our fingers to pass the time.

Quick sickness recap for you: The twins first got a cold around Thanksgiving. Caden got one right before and Conor got sick immediately after. Cal got sick somewhere in between and so did Jim and I. Then everyone got round two! And now we might be on round three...? I don't know. Lots of runny noses and a cough that won't quit. I ended up taking the boys to see the pediatrician on Monday night and get them checked out. Turns out they needed chest x-rays, lab work, and got nebulizers to use at home. Apparently pneumonia is going around and they were wheezing a lot while coughing. Silly Mama waited about 11 days of coughing to bring them in to be seen. Thankfully pneumonia was ruled out, but they still don't sound great. 

Caden is a trooper when it comes to using the nebulizer. Conor hates it - but I have been bribing them with everything I can. Chocolate, lollipops, and any other sort of candy goes a long way! :)

Cal is a happy guy! 

We have been staying in and resting a lot more than usual. We have really only gone to Early Intervention and had our Speech Pathologist visit us. Other than that, not many activities. It's been surprisingly fun. Other than the usual crankiness due to the sickness, we've been watching a lot of Christmas movies and enjoying each other's company. My maternity leave is over in a few weeks, so I'm soaking up as much C, C, and C as possible!

Also - Cal turned 5 months old on 12/12 and started daycare. Where did the time go? I felt like I had an eternity when he was born. I was like - I'm not going back to work until end of Dec/early Jan....that's so far away! Well, here I am, trying to hit the pause button and enjoying every second of being home with my boys. 

This week, Cal went to daycare twice. We will continue having him go two days a week so that we have a smooth transition when I start work. Cal goes to daycare during Conor and Caden's playgroups at Early Intervention Tues and Thurs. It's nice because I can focus on C and C during their sessions and Cal is getting to know his friends at daycare. It's been very smooth so far! I will feel much more at ease when I go back to work.

We love Meryem!

Here is a pic of Conor and Caden at daycare over the summer - and Cal just the other day at the same table. :)

One of my favorite times of the day. It is usually calm, relaxing, and we can really see their personalities shine at bedtime. I love our family time at bedtime. This is how our evenings look around 7pm...

We had Jim's company Christmas party on Wednesday night. I met him in the city after work. My parents put the boys to bed (and snapped a pic of me before I left...I felt like I was going to prom).  We enjoyed a nice night out. It was at the ICA in the Seaport. Beautiful venue. We were able to see the Hyatt where we got married from dinner! 

Something else I've really been enjoying lately - cooking/baking and having the boys "help"! They love watching me mix and pour things in...and especially love watching me crack the eggs. I was making Christmas cookies the other day and they were really into it!

Cal helped, too!

Until he fell asleep....haha.


During decorations! Auntie Chrissy came over last night and helped me. We had limited resources, but made it work.

All for now! Here's hoping everyone feels better soon!!



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