My Maternity Leave is Over :(

Today is my last day of maternity leave. I feel like this picture was taken last month - how in the world was this 5 months ago???

I wanted to write about my little boy and some of the best times we've had over the last 5 months. Let's start with the day he was born! Sure, I wrote about his birth story, but here's a pic when my parents came to visit MGH. Cal is spending the day at daycare today (as he has a few days a week to prepare for my first day of work tomorrow). 

Meanwhile, Caden and Conor have their first day of preschool tomorrow. I hate to say I am "nervous" but I have so many mixed emotions about them going to preschool. First, I am sad I won't be spending every day with all my boys. However, I think the preschool will be good for them. They can make friends, socialize a bit more, and hopefully their vocabulary will continue to increase. Second, it's a new place with a new type of structure they haven't had before. This is an old converted elementary school  that is a preschool now - compared to the home daycare they used to go to everyday. Third, I often struggle to understand what they are saying, especially with their twin language and speech delay. Therefore, I hope the people at school understand them and their needs are met. I have to say, they have been doing SUCH an amazing job. Despite the few temper tantrums and their typical  "age 2" behavior, I am so proud of them. They fascinate me every day. :)

But anyway, here are a few highlights with my little Cal and some of my favorite memories.

He met his great-grandparents!

Getting ready for our family photo shoot on 7/30/16.

How (and where) we spent the first few months....we barely left this couch.

One day over the summer, I took all three boys to Dane Street Beach in Beverly.....alone.  I wrote about it here.

We visited Auntie Chrissy at work!

And we went to countless new parks. :)

We even visited Colby Farm and saw all the sunflowers.

And visited Beacon Hill and the State House.

We got dressed for our christening. :)

And then there's this face...which I can't get enough of!

And bath time in Cape Cod.

Loves chillin on the beach!

Months 1-4.

Gearing up for Christmas! Helping mommy hang the stockings.

Lots and lots and lots of this. :)

Cal's first few days of daycare last month. He went for a few hours on Tues and Thurs to get used to it!

Cal's first present!!!!

Cal's first Christmas. :)

Helping mommy work on those abs. ;)

Taking a nap in Cal's room. Cal in his crib, and mommy in the bed next to it.

This face. I sure am going to miss him.


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