Phelan Christmas 2016 Recap

I haven't written a blog post since Christmas Eve, mainly because I wanted to try and soak up every last minute with my boys as possible. However, I felt the need to post about it - so I can look back and reflect on how lucky we are to have such nice memories. :) Quick Christmas recap....

We had several parties and gatherings the weeks leading up to Christmas. As I mentioned in my blog, we had our first aunt/uncle annual Tree Lighting at our house in early December. Then we had a few friends over for dinner. The weekend before Christmas we had Jim's family parties. On Christmas Eve Eve, my parents came over for dinner and gifts. Christmas Eve Jim and I were originally going to my parents house to see my grandparents but they all changed when my grandfather wasn't feeling well - so we ended up staying home with our boys. It was nice. It gave us a chance to catch up on things and even relax a little. Christmas morning was spent opening gifts with Conor, Caden, and Cal, and then we went to my Aunt Debbie's to see all my cousins. Sadly, my grandfather ended up in the hospital - but he is now home and was able to celebrate his 90th birthday on New Years Eve at home with my grandmother. Then the day after Christmas, we hosted Jim's family and had dinner and opened presents.

Here are a few pics of our 2016 Phelan Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning


Christmas at my Aunt Debbie's House

The Day After Christmas with Jim's Family

How fortunate we are to have been able to spend so much time with family - something we very much appreciate now after living 3,000 miles away for years! It was nice to simply make plans with people or randomly stop by friends houses (ha, Keryn!). It's been fun. :)

All for now. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! On to the next event....



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