Drumlin Farm, Horn Pond, and 75 Degree FUN

How amazing is this weather?! The three little guys were in need of some serious vitamin D. I think we got that taken care of....

We decided to take the boys back to Drumlin Farm since we have a membership there. We bought a pass when the boys turned 2. They loved seeing the chickens, lambs, and tractors. They thought it was awesome.

My friend Katie and I brought them to Horn Pond today (Monday). It was literally 75 degrees. We couldn't wait to get outside and walk the 2 or so miles around the pond. We threw sticks in the water, collected a few rocks, and of course hitched a ride in the stroller around the pond.

We snuggled up a took a little snooze. Mom thought it was just the cutest thing.

Then we admiringly looked out the window. We couldnt wait to get back outside!

Soooooo many people ask me if three carseats fit in the same row. They in fact do! Here are Conor (far right), Caden and Cal....en route to run some errands before speech therapy today. Only a few more weeks left of EI until the boys age out!

 Oh my handsome little Cal Thomas. I cant even handle it!

My three favorites.


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