Easter 2017 Highlights

Here are a few pics from the day.

We had a little Easter egg hunt at our house in the morning. We saw some footsteps that the Easter Bunny left - and searched for some eggs! Then we played outside and had a little photoshoot. We then ventured over to Grammy and Papa's house (my parents) - who also live in Woburn. Jim's Mom and brother Joe were able to make it over for the day, too. It was great. Despite the boys being sick yet again, they had SO much fun.

Caden giving Cal a hug...

 Con giving Cal a hug...

My mean muggin Cal.

My Dad being hilarious, decided to hide two eggs for me and Jimbo to find. He said we had the whole day to look, but of course Jim and I went after it like 5 year olds. Mine was blue and Jim's was pink - and I found both!! One had a $50 bill and the other had a $1 bill. Guess which one I got? Woof.

I hope you all had a great Easter. Congratulations to everyone who ran the Boston Marathon today! It was fun watching this morning with the boys. Their fav part was watching the wheelchairs! They thought it was amazing how fast they were going. CONGRATS!



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