Easter Fun 2017!

We saw TWO Easter Bunnies this year! Just yesterday, Jim and I took the boys to 3rd Ave in Burlington for a free Easter event. There were free photos with the Easter Bunny (Cal and I are to the right - but it wasn't pretty, so I cropped us out lol). The stores at 3rd Ave were participating in giving out candy to the kids, so it felt a little like trick or treating. In fact, Conor and Caden were saying "trick or treat" to get their candy. It was kind of hilarious.

Easter 2017

3rd Ave, Burlington, MA

And a few days ago, my Dad and I scooped up the boys from daycare early to visit the Easter Bunny at the Woburn Mall. It is always super quiet there (no line for Santa either). So we go there for pics since they are still so little. Conor loved that he was PINK!! OR she?

Easter 2017 - Woburn Mall

This was them as we approached the Bunny!

And after the photo was done...

We then took my grandmother, the kiddos, and Zeta for a walk around my parents neighborhood. It was a beautiful night - so it was a perfect time to do it.

Here's Cal walking ZZ!

And Caden walking Cal!

And Caden walking ZZ!

Cal got all dolled up for the festivities in Burlington. Blazer and new kicks from my cousin Jenny! They are SO cute! Thanks!!

A little bit of playtime this weekend! Look at these three guys. I captured a (rare) quiet moment for sure. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!! :)  More pics from the boys Easter egg hunt this morning to come! It was FUN!



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