Potty Training & Spring Weather!

BIG NEWS: We are potty training!  This is big because I currently have three kids in diapers - WOOF.

I honestly wasn't going to even attempt it until the boys turned 3, but I think they have an interest due to pre-school. Their teacher says that each time someone in the class goes has to go to the bathroom, all the kids go as a class. 

Anyway, sometimes in the evenings, I strip the boys of their diapers and we "sit on the potty" to see what happens. Caden went into the bathroom and closed the door. Jim went into the bathroom about 10 minutes later and turns out, he peed! Then he did it again, and a third time in the upstairs bathroom. That was Monday. He has done it a few more times in the evenings before bath time. When I talked to the boys teacher, she said the Conor had peed on the potty at school. I am sure he will start going at home too - especially when he sees Caden doing it. I'm not sure what the next step is - but we are well on our way! How exciting!!

I mean, how amazing is this weather right now?? That 80 degree day was incredible. I was actually HOT when I went out for a walk.

T-shirts and watermelon = almost summertime!

We visited Papa and GG on Tuesday since it was sooooo nice out! We spent so much time outside - and even ate dinner outside. Here's my dad with all the boys and Zeta. :)  Cal loves ZZ.

GG and Cal!

My Dad, who never bought Chrissy and I sugary stuff from the ice cream man, bought the boys their FIRST "ice cream man" ice cream! They went for the minion one because they absolutely love the minions haha. Especially Con.

Ladybug in the house! How cool!!!

In other news, Cal is now NINE months old....woah.

All for now! HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY! Enjoy your Easter. :)



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