Fall Festivities Continue - Apple Picking and Photoshoots

I wanted to write about our annual apple picking fun at Bolton Springs Farm in Bolton. They have a very informative website  specific to the "Pick Your Own" crops and schedule - we were easily able to determine whether or not it was too late in the season to go apple picking. I also called and they said they have different orchards, several of which had plenty of apples left. So off we went!! Bright and early Sunday morning.

We visited this same orchard last year with our out of town friends, John and Erin. We reminisced with them a week ago while we were in LA about our apple picking adventure.



Cal kept hitting me in the face with his apple - and he must've eaten about 12 of them today. He loved them. I think they were really crisp and sweet, plus he is getting a few new teeth - so it felt good!

It was a really fun time. It was also wayyyy hotter than I expected - what is with this warm summer weather in October?! It's crazy.

All for now!



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